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Weather at LA CLUSAZ
Tuesday 17 October
  • 1040 m : 0 cm
  • 2500 m : cm
  • 1040 m : °C
  • 2500 m : °C
  • Open ski tracks :
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What are the different areas to choose from ?

When you buy your pass, in the office or online, you will have to choose where to ski : La Clusaz-Manigod pass (125km of runs including Beauregard, Aiguille, Etale, Balme and Manigod, all these areas being linked with skis) or Aravis pass (210km of runs including La Clusaz-Manigod plus St Jean de Sixt and le Grand Bornand, link by car or bus only). The skibus between the resorts is included in the pass.

Does a pass only for Balme exist ?

No, if you want to ride in Balme you have to buy the La Clusaz-Manigod pass.

Is a Manigod pass valid in La Clusaz also ?

A Manigod pass is only sold in the offices and website of Manigod, and is only valid there. I you also want to use the lifts of La Clusaz, then buy the La Clusaz-Manigod pass.

What lifts are included in the Ourson beginner pass of my child ?

Lifts included in the Ourson beginner pass are shown in green on the skimap, and also detailed on the receipt given with the pass. Those are : Beauregard, Aiglons, Etoile des Neiges, Ceutire, Riffroids, Patinoire, Bossonnet, Greneche, P'tit Loup, P'tit Bossonnet, Nant, Champ Bleu, Etrivaz and U'Fredy (free lift).

Is there a free lift in La Clusaz ?

Yes. You can ski for free on the U'Fredy draglift, which is located near the Telemix in Etale area. A hands free card is mandatory to top the free pass up in the Etale ticket office.

I'm a pedestrian, which lifts may I use ?

Lifts available for pedestrians are gondolas and some chairlifts that can slow down for departure and arrival. A pedestrian will not be able to use the Col de Balme to have a look on the Mont Blanc...sorry...

System and use

I topped my pass up, do I need to go to a ticket office to activate ?

No. When you top your skicard up, entering all figures in the system, the pass is automatically loaded on this very card. Simply enter a lift during validity chosen and you will be allowed to go. Moreover, offices do not have access to your order information and cannot confirm whether it's all ok or not, but your order confirmation does this job.

Can I top up other resorts' cards ?

Everything depends on the system of the card. 2 main systems exist, and are not compatible. You can top up (online and in the offices) cards using Skidata system whose printed number includes 23 figures starting with 01-1614... or 30-1614... Cards using Teamaxess technology cannot be used. Moreover, we cannot top up your cards if they can't be printed (if a photograph is needed for example).

I don't need a 2€ skicard as I will only ski once.

The card is mandatory otherwise the pass cannot be loaded, you therefore have to buy one or bring one to top up if using the same system (Skidata).

I don't need the hands free card at the end of my vacation, can you refund the 2€ I paid ?

No. As well as a great majority of resorts, we do not have a deposit on the cards because those can be used again during your next vacation, in La Clusaz or all other resorts using the same Skidata system (most common technology). Remember to bring them with you in your next resort !

I received a pass for a single ticket to Beauregard and I would like to top it up with a day pass, how can I do ?

Those cards cannot be topped up, they are given free of charge for single tickets or other products but is not compatible with day or week passes : a skicard will be mandatory for this.

My skicards are already printed with photographs, I suppose I don't need to bring new ones ?

In fact you do need to bring new ones ! For different reasons (space needed, legislations...), we don't keep old photographs in our system (except for season passes). Photos in the chip are automatically deleted at the end of validity, so we need to put another one ! Either we scan a photo you brought with you, or we make a beautiful free photo of the skiers using our webcams.

Can I put my pass wherever I want when I ski, or even attach it to a zip ?

It's better to put the hands free card in one of your left pockets as the detectors at the entrance of lifts are located on your left hand side. Put your card alone in a closed pocket in order to avoid making it fall when you take something else from the pocket. Do not drill a hole for an elastic for example, as you may damage the chip or the antenna that goes around the card and this one won't work anymore.


Validity of season passes

The Season pass is valid the whole winter season, and can also be used in the case of pre-season openings. It won't be valid for summer seasons.

What is the length of passes ?

Validity of passes is always meant in consecutive days, unless stated (Fidelity pass of 6 non consecutive days for example). A 6-day-pass remains valid during 6 consecutive days from the date you chose. Even if you don't use your pass everyday during validity, it won't be replaced or refunded.

When can I buy a 4 hours pass ?

The 4 hours pass can be purchased anytime you want as it will only start its validity when using your first lift. Example : you buy your pass in the office at 10h28 but you only use the first lift at 12h52, pass remains valid until 16h52. You can also buy it at 15h45 a tuesday and start using it at 10h43 two days after. Caution : validity is only for the running season, it cannot be used next winter season.

Can I separate my 4 hours pass in two ?

No. Even if you start too late to use all 4 hours (ex : start at 2:30pm), the unused part of the pass will be cancelled at the end of the day and cannot be neither postponed nor refunded.

Is the pass bought online valid for another date than the one I chose ?

This depends on the pass. If this is a several day pass, dates are fixed and cannot be changed. If this is a 4 hours or a day pass, the date you put while purchasing is only statistics and the pass can be used on another day during the winter season. However, some day passes are fixed due to the discount they offer : reduced prices for partial openings beginning and end of season, Fridays of January...If you still have a doubt, call us at +33450024564.

I booked my day pass online today but I finally cannot come, can I get a refund ?

Please note that your day pass booked online, unless bought at a special price mentionned above, can be used another day of the same winter season. If you really can't use it, we will then cancel your purchase.

Insurance and disease

My daughter is ill, can I get a refund for her pass ?

No. Even if you don't use it, a pass cannot be refunded or postponed. Moreover, the insurance we sell doesn't cover disease.

What does the Aravis security insurance cover for 3€ a day ?

The Aravis security insurance which you can buy for 3€ a day (ticket office or online) covers rescue prices for accidents on the runs and also off pistes : help and rescue, transportation to health services, pass and lessons refund. No need to advance fees. Skipass will be refunded as of very next day after the accident. Information available in the Club des Sports of La Clusaz, tel +33450326950.

My friend told me for sure that my credit card insurance covers everything in case of an accident, can you confirm ?

Insurances available with you credit card are different from one card and one bank to another, so you have to get accurate information from them as our office staff cannot give it to you. Moreover, as we notice every year, you often have to advance fees and then be -if yes - refunded after a long period of time.

Where and how to buy ?

Do you accept holiday checks ?

Yes we do, every ticket office will accept French holiday checks issued by ANCV only, but they won't give you any change on those.

Do you accept sport coupons ANCV ?


Do you accept American Express cards ?


Do I have to go to the central ticket office to purchase my week passes ?

No, though this was the case a long time ago. Every ticket office in La Clusaz delivers day or week passes, please prefer the one near your home or the less crowded. You can also use this website or the official app La Clusaz.

Where are the ticket offices located in the resort ?

Find your nearest ticket office : Champ Giguet (highly visited) and Salon des Dames (mind the opening times) for lower village, Central Office and Cret du Merle in the middle, Bossonnet at the top. But also Etale, Combe des Juments, Cret du Loup (mind opening times) and of course Balme. On the skimap, ticket offices are indicated with a "Skipass" logo or a "C". And keep in mind that you can top up a large range of passes on or using the La Clusaz App.


Which pass do I need for my lessons ?

A La Clusaz-Manigod pass is ok for the lessons, as there is no ski link with Grand Bornand area and you won't be stuck somewhere. But if you are a beginner, or if your lesson is short, single tickets or cards may be sufficient - simply ask our staff in the offices or your ski instuctor.


Who can buy the Ourson beginner pass ?

This sectorial pass for beginners only applies to children under 12 who take Ourson group lessons in ESF (or equal level in the other ski schools of La Clusaz). You can purchase it in main offices upon presentation of the lesson card, and will only be valid at same dates.

What lifts are included in the Ourson beginner pass of my child ?

Lifts included in the Ourson beginner pass are shown in green on the skimap, and also detailed on the receipt given with the pass. Those are : Beauregard, Aiglons, Etoile des Neiges, Ceutire, Riffroids, Patinoire, Bossonnet, Greneche, P'tit Loup, P'tit Bossonnet, Nant, Champ Bleu, Etrivaz and U'Fredy (free lift).

Can he use this Ourson beginner pass outside of the lessons ?

Yes, the pass is valid all day long at same dates of the lessons.

Prices, offers and conditions

My son will turn 8 / 15 years old during our stay, what is the price category of his pass ?

The age taken into consideration is the one at first day of validity. Example : a child who turns 15 on feb 23rd and who buys a week pass starting feb 21st may buy at child -15 rate for the whole length of his pass. But if the pass starts on feb 23rd (day of birth) or after, he will have to pay for an adult pass.

Which members of my family can benefit from the family offer ?

The family discount only applies to parents with their children, but also grand-parents with grand-childre, single parents with at least 3 children, or stepfamilies. This excludes other members such as uncles, cousins, and of course friends.

What ID do I need to bring to get a free pass for my child under 5 years old ?

Any ID you have with you (Passport, identity card, proof of birth...) will do. Be careful though : without an ID, the ticket office won't be allowed to deliver a free pass, even if the child is obviously younger than 5.

I own coupons to discover Haute Savoie resorts whose I got with my season pass, in which office can I exchange them ?

Every ticket office in the resort accepts Ski Decouverte coupons. Remember to bring the whole voucher and the season pass from the other resort and we will exchange a coupon against a free pass or a discounted pass (depends on the voucher you received). Moreover, if La Clusaz has been crossed out from the list of resorts on the voucher, we won't be able to accept your coupon : this is a discovery offer, a resort can only take one coupon.

I see prices for 1-way-up tickets on some lifts, but what about way down ?

In our resort, you only have to pay to go up, which means you always can use for free a cabin or a chair (if allowed, depends on the lift) for a way down.

Mixed questions

I've lost my phone on the slopes, where can I search for it ?

First, ask the nearest ticket office if somebody brought it back, our staff will get information from the other offices and lifts. Then, please note that objects found are given every day to the police office in the village near the tourist office. Tel : +33450326522.