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Weather at LA CLUSAZ
Tuesday 17 October
  • 1040 m : 0 cm
  • 2500 m : cm
  • 1040 m : °C
  • 2500 m : °C
  • Open ski tracks :
  • Open ski lifts :

Booking Information

Booking forms (post)

You can dowload the booking forms, fill them and send back to us by post or email to book your passes in advance. Holiday form is available HERE, season passes are THERE (French versions only).


In the event of a technical break-down of the Internet, the reference pricelist is the one emitted by the Groupement des Remontées Mécaniques, a version of which is included in this site.

Your order must include the payment (pass + Hands-free microchip card + insurance + set-up fees) and an photo ID per person only for the passes from 5 days (write the name and first name of the person on the back of the photo if you send it by post).

If you have digital photos (photos ID only, "gif" or "jpg" format, 150 pixels wide), you can attach them to the confirmation e-mail that you receive or send them 8 days before the first day of ski at this e-mail, every photo must be renamed to first name-last name of the person.

Set-up fees amount to 5.00€ and include cancellation insurance, postage to your address and, for season passes only, one new skicard per pass. No booking fees for top-up skipasses.

Online payment

  • This website accepts credit cards - CB - Visa - EuroCard - MasterCard.
  • This website does not accept American Express and Dinners Club

For payments by CB - Visa - EuroCard - MasterCard cards, we use the CREDIT AGRICOLE SECURE platform and a SSL security server whose protocol provides data encryption. The data exchanged with our website are kept safe from interception or tampering.

Your card is charged on the day of the order.
The order confirmed by us is considered valid by SATELC GRM once the agreement is received by the card payment center.

Holiday Pass pick-up

Skipasses can be either withdrawn :

  • from the central cash desk (Center of the village) or in agencies in La Clusaz (for clients of those agencies only)
  • or sent back to your home-address. For this last case, your booking has to arrive latest 15 days before your first day of ski.

Season pass pick-up

For the season skipass, an I.D. is required from the 3rd person discount on, for children under 15 or persons above 65 ; student card needed for student price. Passes are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Season passes are valid from the resort opening on as well as during the pre-season week-ends if snow conditions allow.
You can pick-up your season passes at the Central Ticket Office (Center of the Village)

Skipasses will be sent by post if all documents have been sent at least 15 days before first day of ski. If not, they will have to be withdrawed from the Central Ticket Office (village center).

Season passes are valid from season opening as well as week-ends before if resort opened.

Excerpt from the terms and conditions for sale and use of lift passes

The lift pass is made up of a card (reprogrammable, single-use or bar code) on which a permit to travel (pass) is registered. The purchase of a reprogrammable (rechargeable) card is compulsory for a half-day pass, a pass covering several days or a season pass, against a non-reimbursable supplement of 2€.

The card provides access, during the validity period of the lift pass, to the lifts that are open and are covered by the lift pass category. The user must hold a lift pass for the duration of the journey carried out on the lift. In order to facilitate the transmission of programmed information when passing through the check points, the rechargeable card must be carried on the left and preferably not kept close to a mobile phone, keys or any materials made in part or in full from aluminium. During the validity period of the lift pass, the pass may not be transferred or passed on to anyone else. It may not be loaned either for free or for a payment. The lift pass must be shown upon the request of the operator. The absence of a valid pass or any use that is not in accordance with these conditions is liable to a penality plus legal costs where applicable, for which the total amount is fixed by the current regulations. The forging of a pass or the use of a forged pass will be liable to legal proceedings and the payment of any damages. In all the above-mentioned cases, as well as the case where the police regulations are not respected, the lift passes may be removed as evidence. Unused lift passes or those that have not been used in full may not be reimbursed or exchanged.

In case of loss, destruction or theft of a lift pass of 1 day or more, this will be replaced for the remaining duration of the pass upon payment of a €10 management fee (to cover the cancellation and release of the permit to travel). Recovered lift passes will be held at the main lift pass office.

If service is interruped, the holder of a lift pass may be eligible for compensation in the case where there is no service on any of the lifts for which the lift pass is valid for a period of more than half a day. The terms of this compensation are set out in the general terms and conditions for the sale and use of the lift passes, which are displayed in full at the lift pass offices.


Please send your booking form minimum 15 days before first day of ski :

Groupement des Remontées Mécaniques de la Clusaz
Service Réservation
B.P. 35
26 route de l'Etale
Tel +33 (0)4 50 02 45 64 - Fax +33 (0)4 50 02 62 40
E-mail :

Central Ticket Office will be opened every day from december 23rd, 2017 :

  • week : 8h30am - 6pm
  • week-ends : 8am - 6pm

For opening hours before this date, contact us by phone or check this website.


  • Autumn openings of Central Ticket Office

    Central Ticket Office will be open following week-ends in November, 2017 : 11/12 (together with ski sale in the village), 18/19 and 25/26.

    Visit us from 9am till noon and 2pm till 5pm, address remains 26 route de l'Etale.

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